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Chicago Inks Are Back

The response to our inks that we made for the Chicago Pen Show has been CRAZY!  We made two inks, The Ivy 108, pictured, and Lake Michigan Summer.  The Ivy 108 is inspired by the color of the Ivy at Wrigley Field while the 108 in the name represents the 108 years between World Series Championships.  Both inks sold briskly the first day and the thought that we may have some left over to sell online quickly went out the window.

By the second morning we sold the last bottle of Ivy 108 and the Lake Michigan Summer was right behind it.  The woman that bought the last bottle of Lake Michigan Summer told me how disappointed she was to miss out on the Ivy 108.  We sympathized and then she told us the story of why.  Turns out her great-grandfather started the nursery that the ivy came from at Wrigley and that his two sons, one being her grandfather, actually went out and planted it.

After hearing this story we decided that we would make her a bottle, but making one bottle is almost as much work as making a bunch of bottles, so here we are.  We decided that we would make another run and give even more people a chance to enjoy these great inks.

Each bottle is stamped with a "Fleur De Lis" on top.  If your bottle is stamped with something else email us a picture and you get a free bottle of Papier Plume Ink on your next order.  Your choice of color.


Fountain Pens From Faggionato Now Available

After several months of emails and phone conversations we are happy to announce the latest additions to our collection.  These pens are handmade in France using traditional Japanese techniques.  Each pen takes several months to finish and requires the highest caliber of patience and craftsmanship to achieve.


We introduce to you, Faggionato.



The Gatsby Decoband Is Here

The WAHL-EVERSAHRP Oversized DECOBAND pneumatic filling Gatsby pen with SUPERFLEX nib and 2.0ml ink capacity sets a new standard for beauty and elegance by recapturing the classic design first introduced in 1928...only bigger and better! 


The Gatsby pen is constructed using the finest materials available.  The pen body and cap material is beautiful highly polished Ebony Black Acrylic Resin with finely etched Roscoe Pattern, all exterior metal is heavily gold plated and the internal mechanism is solid brass.  See More



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