1. Wahl-Eversharp - Skyliner 50's - Fountain Pen


A classic and iconic pen design paired with a classic and iconic American car.  What can be better?  Sure, if it was a real Corvette, that might be better, but this toy Corvette and 50's "Drive In" designed box still makes a great gift.  Available in 3 colors as a Fountain Pen or Rollerball.


2. Bortoletti - Writing Set - Pen/Letter Opener


Made in Italy, this dip beautiful pen comes with 3 antique nibs and a bottle of ink.  The trick of this pen is that it doubles as a letter opener.  It looks great on any desk or office.


3. Montegrappa - Fortuna - Copper Mule - Fountain Pen


There is no denying that copper has made a resurgence as a material.  The Montegrappa Mule, inspired by the copper in grappa distilleries in Italy, takes the material and does something extrodinary with it. The pen is accompanied by a copper mug with the Montegrappa logo adorned to it.  Perfect for a Moscow Mule, or whatever beverage you may choose to put in it.


4. ONLINE - Calligraphy Set - Black Tango


Made in Germany this is a perfect set for anyone who wants to add a little flair to their writing.  It comes with 3 calligraphy styled nibs, a converter, and a bottle of ink.  All neatly packaged in a "bamboo" case.


5. Papier Plume - Boxed Calligraphy Set


Hand made in our shop in New Orleans this is a great gift set for someone getting started in the world of Calligraphy.  It includes two bottles of ink, a dip pen, and 5 nibs.  Also availble in a larger size with 7 bottles of ink.


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