What do you get the person who's already got it all? Papier Plume has some unique gifts and a few unusual ideas for you!

Jac Zagoory - Unique Staple Pullers

It's not every day you see an extraordinary staple-remover! These solid pewter declators will make a sharp statement on any desk.

Bortoletti - Oil Lamp

Italian atelier Bortoletti adorns this stunning oil lamp with an intricate latticework of silver nickel. Sturdy, yet delicate, this lamp beautifully reflects the most traditional and beautiful aspects of Italian design.

Steampunk Boro Glass Dipping Pen - Gold Fumed Over Opal

Boro colors are completely different to "normal" glass colors, having more depth and tone, often with chameleon-like ability to subtly shift their color depending on the type of light they are exposed to. These pens have a pink color which is "fumed" with pure gold over opal. The gold creates a range of colors as well as metallic luster effects.

Dalvey - Cavesson Clock

Scottish brand Dalvey combines the classic and the contemporary with this superb example of precision time keeping. A traditional clock-face is exquisitely displayed against a blue carbon-fibre casing and can be folded in to itself for easy transport.

Jean-Pierre Lepine "Le Morezien" Knife - Club Series

Hand-carved from precious woods, French designer Jean-Pierre Lepine offers this brilliant collection of folding knives. The locking-mechanism is unique to the Jura region of France from where these knives hail. The carbon-steel blade on each of these knives makes them a truly versatile tool.

Angry Gator - Alligator Skin Wallets and Card Sleeves

Local to NOLA, Angry Gator sources their leather straight out of the swamp. Alligator leather is especially supple, but durable, making these wallets and sleeves a practical and fashionable addition to your every day carry.