3 Days Only! Fountain Pen Nib Grinding & Smoothing

We're very excited to announce a new in-shop fountain pen nib grinding event with Kirk Spee of Pen Realm from April 30 to May 2, 2021 at 802 Royal Street in New Orleans!

We are going to set Kirk up in the front window of our shop on Royal Street in the French Quarter for 3 days. People can come by and sit with him to watch him work on grinding and smoothing fountain pen nibs.

Pen Realm professionally restores fountain pen nibs to writing condition as long as the tipping hasn't broken off. Pen Realm provides nib tuning and smoothing, nib repair and nib size reduction services.

So mark your calendar and plan to visit us in the lovely French Quarter of New Orleans and bring your old nibs along with you if they need to be refreshed! Or just stop by to see what the nib grinding process looks like!