The Aura Fountain Pen by Cleo Skribent

As elegant as a single white rose, German engineering makes the Aura as luxurious to write with as it is glamorous. Available in jet black, and in spring vibrant shades of turquoise and green.


S.T. Dupont Line D Medium Goldsmith Fountain Pen

Few fountain pens can be relied on to quicken a pen collector's heart more than the ST Dupont Goldsmith writing instruments. The iconic guillloché engraving and 14-carat solid gold nib easily identify this pen’s pedigree.



Rebecca Moss Spirit II Fountain Pen, Rossi Peacock Stationery, and Peacock Wax Seal

Whether you are moved to write a poem, a play, or just a note to say hello, being inspired is one of those everyday spiritual experiences we take for granted. The Spirit II fountain pen celebrates the power of inspiration, as do these Italian peacock notecards. Add a lovely little peacock brass wax seal and you’re in the flow before you know it.

  1. Brass Handle Oval Design - Seals
  2. Rebecca Moss Spirit II Fountain Pen
  3. Rossi - Peacock - Stationery
    Rossi - Peacock - Stationery

    Starting at $3.90


Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Wetland Cypress limited edition is the result of our collaboration with three amazing artists: pen maker Chet Herbert, jewelry artist Brandi Couvillion, and last but certainly not least, Mother Nature. Chet hand turns 500-year-old bog wood from an enormous, 500-year old bayou cypress tree, resurrected from the mineral rich silt of Louisiana's Atchafalya basin. These very special pens are made to order in groups of 25 with your choice of an array of nibs.  

Available by special order, call the shop for details and to be put on the list for the final batch. Only 113 pens will be made, and not one more.

  1. Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen


Papier Plume Shop Gift Cards

Not that there is any need for an excuse to come to the New Orleans French Quarter, but a little nudge never hurt. We are well known for providing exemplary old-school customer service, but online shopping doesn’t compare to selecting pen, paper, and ink in person, especially at our fabulous Royal Street shop. In fact, many of our distant clients make Papier Plume their first stop from the airport.


We are very proud to say our fair city has nearly defeated the corona virus. Although we love assisting everyone via our website, we look forward to seeing you all in person!

Until then, Happy Writing!