You don't need to break the bank in order to own a great pen.  Just take a look at our list of pens, fit for every budget.

Under $20.00

Lamy Tipo - $12.50


This capless rollerball pen enables smooth and precise penmanship. And it's always ready to write, thanks to its integrated clip-push mechanism, which allows you to switch to writing mode quickly.  See More.


$20 to $50

Cleo Skribent - Messograf - $28.00


The Messograf is the writing tool for engineers, gadgeteers, mechanophiles and anyone who wants a pen that really stands out in a crowd.

The Messograf is not only a high-capacity, satisfyingly weighted, Chromium-plated brass writing instrument. It's also a tire tread gauge, caliper rule, ruler (inches and metric) and thread scale.  See More.



Karas - Bolt - $70.00


The Bolt is a machined, bolt-action pen body. Karas Kustums designed The Bolt to be fun to use and to be extremely durable. This may be the last pen you ever have to buy.  Read More.



Cleo Skribent - Copper - $89.00

 cleo copper

This entirely copper pen made by Cleo Skribent is exclusive to Papier Plume. It is made with the highest grade of copper providing the most antimicrobial properties available to help stop the spread of bacteria from things like MRSA, E-Coli and Staphylococci. Great for healthcare professionals, teachers and people who come in contact with many others.  Read More.



Jean-Pierre Lepine - Indigo - $109


Measuring 4" when closed and only 5" when the cap is docked and the pen is ready to write, it's the perfect pen for the pocket or purse. Takes any international size cartridge. Read More.



Wahl-Eversharp - Skyline Classic - $199


A true American art deco classic design.  This pen is available in a variety of colors to fit the taste and style of anyone one on your list. Read More.



Cleo Skribent - Aura - $215


Precious resin dipped in beautifully shimmering mother of pearl or elegant black refined with a 14-carat bicolour gold nib and rhodium-coated fittings – the makings of something very special. This Cleo is shorter and more compact than our other fine writing instruments. Its rollerball received another innovation along the way – unlike other writing utensils, it uses normal ink cartridges and renounces any refill. Read More.



Waldmann - Edelfeder - $260


For more than 95 years, Waldmann has been manufacturing high class writing instruments made from Solid Sterling Silver 925/ooo, in an amazing variety of designs and models. Made in Germany. Read More.



Aurora - Ipsolon - Quadra Silver - $375



An innovative line with a strong attitude. Ipsilon, with its unmistakably shaped clip, is a loyal everyday companion dedicated to those who work and study.

Made from Sterling Silver and equipped with a 14k gold nib.  Read More.



Visconti - RaceTech - $450


The limited Edition RaceTech pen is an ode to racing and is packed full of racing themes: The lightening holes on the clip, the black and white checkered finishing flag enameled on the pen's band, the body is crafted from sturdy race ready carbon fiber and all parts are trimmed in racing red resin. The RaceTech is limited to 388 pieces worldwide and is available in fountain pen and rollerball.  Read More.



Wahl-Eversharp - Decoband Gold Seal Oversized - Gatsby Black Etched - $895


The WAHL-EVERSAHRP Oversized DECOBAND pneumatic filling Gatsby pen with SUPERFLEX nib and 2.0ml ink capacity sets a new standard for beauty and elegance by recapturing the classic design first introduced in 1928...only bigger and better!  The Gatsby pen is constructed using the finest materials available.  The pen body and cap material is beautiful highly polished Ebony Black Acrylic Resin with finely etched Roscoe Pattern, all exterior metal is heavily gold plated and the internal mechanism is solid brass.  Read More.



Visconti - Watermark - $1695



The Watermark is a pen that demonstrates one of Visconti's greatest skills, the artisanal craftsmanship of the cut out filigree, an ability to achieve intricate details with absolute precision. The filigree is cut out from a solid tube of sterling silver and required over 20 manual operations to reach the final status.

The Watermark demonstrator is limited to 888 pieces. The fountain features the patented Visconti Double Reservoir Power Filler, a unique filling system that allows a greater ink capacity and safe usage during air flights.  Read More.


$2000 and Up

Jean-Pierre Lepine - Titanic DNA - $7900



The barrel of the object bears a ring of oxidized steel, born of the fusion between rusted steel from the wreck of the Titanic and steel supplied by the Harland & Wolff Shipyards, where the great ship was built almost a century ago.  Read More.