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Free Shipping?!?

free shipping

For the month of April we're giving away free shipping on all DOMESTIC FIRST CLASS postage orders.  The order needs to be over $10.00 and qualify for First Class postage.  To quallify for Free Domestic First Class postage your order should fall withing the fowllowing parameters.

  • It's being shipped within the United States
  • It is at least $10.00
  • the total weight of the order is less than a Pound.

Most of the orders that we fullfill on a regular basis fall into these parameters. After a pound we can only offer Priority Mail through USPS. If you have any questions let us know.



New Product: Wahl-Eversharp

We are very happy to announce that we are now one of the few shops in the country that carry Wahl-Eversharp pens.  For 100 years the names Wahl and Eversharp have stood behind some of the finest writing instruments ever made.  Classic, timeless designs that reflect the best in manufacturing techniques and highest quality materials are the hallmark of the brand.  As true today in the products of the new Wahl-Eversharp Company as ever in the long history of the name.


No matter what the type of pen you are looking for you're certain to find one in the Wahl-Eversharp collection to fit your needs.  From Fun Everyday Pens to High End Pens and even Limited Edition, there's a Wahl-Eversharp for you.

Flow For Paper Lovers!

A book with (almost) no text, just paper: that pretty much sums up our renowned Book for Paper Lovers. Each year, we bring out a new book, simply because we happen to be so fond of paper, stationery, stickers, labels, envelopes, posters, fold-outs, streamers and fold-ups. And because paper is – and always will be – such a great invention! For this edition, we worked (once again) with the nicest and best illustrators from all over the world. We sincerely hope that you will rip this year’s book to bits and enjoy all the wonderful things it has inside.

flow paper 3

What’s inside?
This edition includes: stationery; crafting, wrapping, tissue and folding paper; envelopes; a paper house; postcards; garlands; a paper doll; stamps; decorative stickers; labels; posters; coloring pictures and more!


Get The Issue Now.

Limited Edition Retro 51 Bouquet

Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day, just a couple of the reasons we made the Bouquet Tornado Popper. Who are we kidding, we don’t need a holiday to justify making a floral design, but with the change of the season we thought a pop of color was necessary.

Retro Bouquet

The Bouquet is printed with several colors, accented with satin gold and the top ring is numbered up to 999 pieces. Pick up a Bouquet for someone special or gift it to yourself for surviving yet another cold winter. Whatever the reason, it will surely brighten the day.

Order a Bouquet today!



Steampunk Glass Pens from England!

These stylish and futuristic glass pens, from Steampunk Glass, are hand blown in the in the English countryside from Boro glass.  Each of these is a unique one of kind creation.

Steampunk Glass Pens

Boro colors are completely different to 'normal' glass colors, having more depth and tone, often with chameleon-like ability to subtly shift their color depending on the type of light they are exposed to. The high metal content produces very dense colors, and some wonderful metallic effects too. New experimental colors and techniques are still being developed, adding to the excitement of this amazing glass which is part science, part art.

Each pen is one of a kind so when it's gone, it's gone.

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