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Bookbinding Techniques and Projects - Josep Cambras
Bookbinding Techniques and Projects - Josep Cambras

Bookbinding Techniques and Projects - Josep Cambras

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Bookbinding Techniques and Projects

Josep Cambras

Decorative Techniques Series

The ancient art and craft of bookbinding fulfills both practical and aesthetic functions. A book’s binding protects its pages and print while also embellishing the volume’s exterior, sometimes transforming an otherwise ordinary book into a true work of art. This how-to manual presents a detailed introduction to the processes and techniques of bookbinding. After opening with a review of bookbinding’s history, the author describes the most commonly used bookbinder’s tools and materials—many of them specific to the bookbinding craft and available at art supply stores. Next, he explains the procedures involved in producing a book. They include sewing and gluing, as well as paper folding, cutting, decorating, and coloring techniques. Specific practical instruction follows with 17 profusely illustrated, step-by-step bookbinding projects designed to develop a beginning bookbinder’s abilities. In addition to creating standard cloth or leather book covers and bindings, the projects include a deluxe photo album, a scrapbook, a document case, a stationery box, a pencil case, a picture frame, a slipcase to hold one or more books, and others. Book lovers who follow the author’s clear, illustrated instructions will develop their skills as knowledgeable and proficient bookbinders. Color photo illustrations on every page.

From the Reviews:
“Cambras showcases his expertise in chapters devoted to half a dozen techniques and the same quantity of paper-painting methods.”
—Brad Hooper, Booklist, December 15, 2008

About The Author:
Josep Cambras
is Professor of Bookbinding at the Escuela d'Arte i Oficis, Barcelona, Spain.

Paperback / 144 Pages / 8 3/8 x 11 1/8 / 2008


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