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Bukvawood - Oblique Nib Holder - Tomentosa

Bukvawood - Oblique Nib Holder - Tomentosa

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SKU Bukvawood - Oblique Nib Holder - Tomentosa

Tomentosa grows in Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand. Grows for a long time, and reaches no more than 20 m in height and 40-50 cm in diameter. One of the most exclusive and expensive species of tropical wood, associated with luxury. It has a noble dark brown, almost black with light brown veins texture.

The wood is so strong and dense as the Ebony sinks in water. Darkens with time. It has high wear resistance. The wood is quite complicated in processing, it is very well polished. It has a very low shrinkage factor in the radial and tangential directions.

For its decorative properties and durability is in constant demand in the market. In this case, is extremely rare due to the reduction of the quota for the felling of this breed. Used for the manufacture of precious jewelry boxes, figurines, decoration of expensive furniture. It belongs to the 1st class of strength, wood is resistant to fungi, mold and termites.


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