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Visconti Michelangelo Ballpoint Pen

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Visconti Rembrandt Michelangelo Pen
For the new Michelangelo collection, Visconti was inspired by one of Italy's most famous sculptors, painters, and architects of the Italian Renaissance. In honor of this great man, Visconti's technicians have created the only multi-faceted pen composed of 18 sides! When you turn the pen in your hand, it gives the illusion of a precious diamond reflecting the light. The metal band features a decorative design of a double Greek key composed of the V of the Visconti brand. The security of the magnetic locking system has been further improved from the Rembrandt due this pen's tapered ends.

The Michelangelo is available in two classic colors, both stylish and elegant: the black pen features ancient gold trim, while the blue-black has palladium trim.

Measures 5 5/16 in. x 1/2 in.
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