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Visconti - Michelangelo - True Blue - Fountain Pen

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The Visconti Michelangelo collection is a wonderful range of pens celebrating Michelangelo, the Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet - one of the World’s first “Renaissance” men. Michelangelo has had an unparalleled influence on all aspects of Western art that now includes fine writing instruments. This range of beautiful pens will leave a lasting impression on all fronts.

Visconti Michelangelo True Blue Fountain Pen

The Visconti Michelangelo True Blue fountain pen is made from a Navy Blue colored natural resin and adorned with a Rose Gold trim. The pen has an 18-faceted body that has been handcrafted to catch and reflect light, make it sparkle like a high quality gem. The beautiful Rose Gold ring has “Michelangelo” engraved between a decorative pattern. The pen cap has a magnetic closure and can be posted. The Visconti logo is on the top of the cap. The pen cap features Visconti’s iconic spring-loaded arched pen clip which opens easily and clasps firmly. The most unique feature is the rose gold-plated 23-Karat Palladium DREAMTOUCH™ nib, made from 95% pure Palladium, available in a Fine, Medium or Broad point. This superb nib is the highest value nib ever manufactured in fountain pen history and writing with it requires absolutely no pressure! Visconti claims an enhancement of 30% in flexibility over any premium 18-Karat gold nibs. Palladium makes a superb nib material because it cannot be corroded by inks. The Visconti Michelangelo is a cartridge converter style pen that has a high vacuum "push-pull" piston filler charging system constructed from pure titanium for total corrosion resistance. It comes with a Visconti twist piston converter, but you can also use a standard universal ink cartridge. The Visconti Michelangelo fountain pen comes in a luxury faux-leather box with curved sides, a magnetic closure and the Visconti logo embossed of the outside of the box lid.

Fountain Pen Specifications

Length, Capped: 5.4”

Length, Posted: 5.5”

Diameter: 0.55”

Weight: 1.2 oz

About Visconti

Visconti is a manufacturer of extraordinary writing and time instruments, believing that luxury is not given only by the price, but most of all by the uniqueness of the piece, the special manufacturing process, the craftsmanship skills used, the materials and the finishing. The elegant designs of their fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens come from intense historical and technological research. Visconti has preserved old pen craftsmanship techniques, updating them to create modern pen instruments while also introducing new materials with which to craft their pens (i.e. Volcanic Lava, unidirectional carbon, cotto tile). Visconti is one of the most important players in the worldwide luxury pen market and it has introduced many innovative technical solutions (lock system, double filler, travelling ink-pot, Palladium 23-Karat nib) which make its writing instruments even more special.

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