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Visconti - Opera - Metal - Monza - Rollerball

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Visconti is pleased to introduce the new Opera Metal Collection. Utilizing their iconic "Squaring the Circle" design, Visconti has developed an innovative collection of writing instruments with a modern edge.

 Patented in 2004, the squaring the circle design was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. This combined shape is not just the perfect ergonomic shape for the writing instrument. Visconti has also used the same shape in designing the cases of its timepieces as well as the matching cufflinks and now, at long last, we have forged a meeting point between time, the circle, and writing, the square.

 The Visconti Opera Metal writing instruments are made of anodized colored avional. Avional is a high strength aluminum alloy often used in aeronautics. This pen features Visconti's patented hook-safe lock closure and My Pen System.

Weight: 1.4oz.



Capped: 5 1/2"

Posted: 7"

Uncapped: 5"

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