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Leonardo Officina Italiana - MomentoZero - Pure Celluloid Abyss - Medium 98/100

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MomentoZero - Pure Celluloid Abyss - Medium 98/100

Pure Celluloid Abyss, from the depths of the abyss. Limited to 100 pieces.

This is number 100 of 100 and is equipped with a fine 14k gold nib.  The pen is filled through a piston filling mechanism activated by turning the nob at the end of the pen.

Leonard pens are forged where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to "pleasure", the pleasure or writing.

MomentoZero Collection.

A new beginning.  The desire to start with great enthusiasm, driven by passion, and the experience of forty years in writing instruments.  A collection inspired by Italian vintage designs known throughout the world, well balanced in size and in metal details.

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