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Flow Magazine - Issue 28

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Flow Magazine - Issue 28

Flow Magazine - Issue 28

Flow Magazine is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. We love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of our much-loved paper.

In this Flow Issue 28:

To-do or not to-do?

Today's to-do lists never seem to get any shorter. Are we adding more stress to our lives with each new task we list? 

New thinkers

According to Kate Raworth, economist and author of Doughnut Economics, it's time we look at the economy in a new way: we need to change our vision of what it is and how it works. 

Clean me green

If you want to improve your health and well-being, follow in the footsteps of the Japanes and do some forest bathing. 

Looking at life differently 

It's nobody's idea of fun, but it pays to think about death now and then. Journalist Caroline Buijs explores life's finiteness. 


Extra goodies: Flow mini course workbook and transparent stickers.

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