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Clairefontaine - Pa Scribe - Calligraphy Practice Pad

Clairefontaine - Pa Scribe - Calligraphy Practice Pad


Clairefontaine - Pad - Pa Scribe

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Copperplate Script and calligraphy practise pad.

This Clairefontaine PAScribe pad has been specially designed to help make the
learning and writing of calligraphy easier and more accessible. Its 41 lb Clarefontaine
paper has a very subtle grain and its light porosity allows a quick ink drying. The
printed ruling is a brand new technical grid developed to gain a better understanding
of letterform construction. With its turquoise blue Maya cover tinted in the mass, this
calligraphy pad is a must-have.

■ 60 Sheets, Acid free, PH neutral, certified sustainable wood

■ 90 gr or 41 lb very subtle grain paper
■ Head stapled notepad, Maya turquoise blue
270gr or 126 lb scored cover
■ Printed PAScribe logo
■ A4+ portrait 8.3" x 11.7" (21cm x 29.7cm paper) 8.3" x 12.5" (21cm x 31.8cm) cover
■ 60 detachable microperforated sheets
■ Diagonal 55° and horizontal 6 mm grey lined ruling
on both sides
■ Line thickness 0,1 pt
■ Stiff back cover

A few words about the artist:

PAScribe was founded by Paul Antonio as the social media brand for Paul Antonio
Scribe. It is also the arm of tools and materials used by Paul in his studio and on his
Paul trained as Scribe, Gilder and Heraldic Artist. He went on to study
Archaeological Illustration with a specialism in Ancient Writing Systems.
His illustrated Egyptian hieroglyphs are housed in the Metropolitan Museum, NYC.
Paul is also a Crown Office Scribe for the UK handwriting some of the country’s laws.
Paul works in both traditional and contemporary calligraphic forms for
commissions, and he travels internationally teaching his craft.


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