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Desiderata - Icaraus - Black Ebonite - Aerometric

Desiderata - Icaraus - Black Ebonite - Aerometric

The Desiderata Icarus is an Aerometric fountain pen handmade from Black Ebonite. This ergonomic pen absorbs hand warmth and radiates it back in such a way that it feels like an extension of your hand, making the Icarus a very comfortable pen to write with. The Icarus uses disposable chrome-plated Zebra G nibs and refills using an aerometric sac that you squeeze to draw the ink into the pen.
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SKU Desiderata - Icaraus - Black Ebonite - Aerometric

Desiderata Icarus Black Ebonite Aerometric Fountain Pen

The handcrafted Desiderata Icarus Aerometric is an ergonomic fountain pen made from Black Ebonite. Ebonite was chosen to celebrate the introduction of the Icarus pen model. Ebonite is a classic hard rubber (formerly known as vulcanite) that absorbs hand warmth and radiates it back in such a way that when you hold an ebonite pen, it feels like an extension of your hand. The only material that probably feels more natural to hold is wood. The Icarus black ebonite fountain pen employs a minimal aesthetic that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Overall, the ebonite material combined with the hourglass-shaped section makes this a very comfortable pen to write with. The cap has multiple start threads for smooth, quick cap removal. The cap will post, but on ebonite, posting may leave a cap ring on the back of the barrel with time and use. The Icarus comes with a disposable chrome-plated Zebra G nib, although the nib and section can also handle Nemosine and Goulet nibs. It has an Aerometric filling system that is simple, yet extremely convenient. Immerse the nib and feed in your ink bottle and squeeze the sac repeatedly to quickly fill your pen. So go ahead and throw the Desiderata Icarus into your bag and head to class or work.

NOTE: Convertors will NOT fit in this pen.

Fountain Pen Specifications

Length, Unposted: 4.4”

Length, Posted: 5.8”

Diameter: 0.5”

About the Zebra G Disposable Flex Nib

The chrome-plated Zebra G disposable nib is a great starter nib for writers who have used a modern semi-flex steel nib and want to experience how a flex fountain pen can really perform. It has a mild learning curve and great flexibility. It will comfortably flex from about 0.2mm to 2.5mm; you could push it to about 3mm if you’re daring. Pushing further will cause the nib to peel too far away from the ink feeder.

To get the most out of your pen's nib, there is no substitute for pulling the nib out and cleaning it after each use, just like a dip pen. Do that and your nib could last for months.

About Desiderata

The Desiderata Pen Company, started by Pierre Miller, is centered around making affordable handmade pens which can handle a variety of nib types, and that are primarily used for calligraphy, ornamental penmanship, drawing and sketching. Desiderata strives to make pens that they, themselves, love and in doing so, continually focus on streamlining their operations, optimizing for quality and refining the pen designs that excite their senses.


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