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Faggionato - Raden Orange - Fountain Pen

Faggionato - Raden Orange - Fountain Pen


This labor intensive creation also comes with a matching pen rest.

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This labor intensive creation also comes with a matching pen rest.  Equipped with a #8 14kt Gold Medium Nib that has been tuned by Frédéric Faggionato to his specifications.  Screw cap, does not post.

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Length: 5.75 Capped

Length: 5.5 Uncapped

How It's Made:

Laying of raw lacquer, drying in the open 24 hours to 48 hours, repeated 2 to 3 times

Laying of crude lacquer sprinkled with charcoal powder, hardening in the cabinet dedicated to lacquers for 24h

Installation of raw lacquer, hardening in the dedicated cabinet for 24h

Laying of intermediate black lacquer, hardening in the cabinet 24h with sanding between each layer, repeated operation several times
Laying of mother-of-pearl by means of lacquer after cutting according to the drawing made beforehand
Manual mixing of the intermediate lacquer with orange pigments for 1 hour
Putting the pen on a lathe that runs at low speed for several days so that the lacquer is distributed as desired without extra thickness
Hardening in cabinet for 1 week
Repeat the previous 2 operations 3 times
Installation of finish lacquer

Working time: 25 working hours spread over 4 months. The orange lacquer requires a very high technical execution


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