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Faggionato "Popular Wood" Fountain Pen - Amboise

Faggionato "Popular Wood" Fountain Pen - Amboise

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Faggionato "Popular Wood" Fountain Pen - Amboise

This amazing fountain pen has been hand made by Frédéric Faggionato using finely carved and finished Amboise wood. It has a marbled ebonite section with a silver clip and Bock-engraved nib.

Fountain Pen Specifications

Length, Capped: 6"

Length, Posted: 7 1/5"

Length, Uncapped: 5 1/2”

Diameter: 1/2"

Weight: 0.8 oz

About Faggionato

Faggionato was a maker of exceptional writing instruments that satisfied pen enthusiasts all over the world. These luxury pens were handcrafted in the south of France following artisanal processes after a rigorous material selection process. Faggionato pens are made of materials like bamboo, ebonite, cellulose acetate, Japanese lacquer and acrylic resin with nibs made from noble metals like gold, silver or titanium. Faggionato reflects intently on the chosen materials because the creation of luxury fountain pens is part of a process where they respect the materials worked in order to obtain an optimal fine writing instrument. Their custom-made pens are tailored to your needs and desires, whether you are an amateur, a collector or simply an enthusiast writer.


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