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Jean-Pierre Lepine - Graphyscaf Limited Edition - Fountain Pen

Jean-Pierre Lepine - Graphyscaf Limited Edition - Fountain Pen

You are probably familiar with Jules Verne’s 1870 novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” where Captain Nemo and his advanced submarine, the Nautilus, have many underseas adventures. If you consider that the start of the story, the Graphyscaf will write the rest. Jean-Pierre Lepine crafted the Graphyscaf himself. This limited edition pen is #691 of only 888 pens that he made. The Lepine Graphyscaf was the Winner of Most Creative Pen Award at the Scriptura Pen Show in Lyon, France. The complexity and design innovation make the Graphyscaf a truly unique writing instrument.
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Jean-Pierre Lepine Graphyscaf Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Lepine Graphyscaf fountain pen is a study in devotion, as it reflects Jean-Pierre’s vision of the Nautilus in relation to the diver and the marine environment. He calls it “the ocean pen". The base material of the barrel and cap are made from stainless steel covered with a contrasting 22-Karat Gold Plating. The fountain pen is embellished with many semi-precious stones, all sourced from the Jura region in France. The Graphyscaf has a soft two-tone 18-Karat Gold nib is a medium point and has an elegant filigree etching. It also has multiple porthole windows along the pen’s barrel and cap. Inside each of these windows are original hand painted artwork by Jean-Pierre Lepine. Even the paintings inside the display box, which is an old fashioned porthole, are from Jean-Pierre’s own hand.

We’ve never seen a pen with as many parts as the Graphyscaf. There’s an impressive 195 separate components: 52 parts held together by 143 rivets. The barrel and body of the pen are assembled from 11 parts held together by 69 rivets. On the body is a porthole that reveals the piston ink pump system, which can be activated by turning the gear wheel. The pump system is assembled from 10 parts. Looking through the porthole side shows a hand painted siren, calling out for ink. The pen has a screw cap which resembles a scuba helmet. It has a porthole that shows the pen nib when closed, but when posted, you can see a painting of a red octopus. It is assembled from 21 parts held together by 65 rivets. The pen clip has a generous give and resembles the divers air intake hoses. It is assembled from 10 parts held together by 9 rivets.

Fountain Pen Specifications

Length, Capped: 6.5”

Diameter: 0.8”

Weight: 6 oz

Weight with Display Case: 9 lbs.

About Jean-Pierre Lepine

Designer Jean-Pierre Lepine takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of his fine writing instruments, which spark the imagination with their bold designs and please the hand with their high-quality materials. These unconventional high-end pens have a surprising combination of colors, shapes and technical ability. All Lepine pens are completely handcrafted in France in small batches by expert craftsmen following age-old traditional techniques using materials like acrylic, rhodoid, brass, aluminum, delrin, stainless steel, carbon and leather, precious metals like silver and gold, exotic woods and precious stones.


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