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Kartos Florentia Writing Sheets Portfolio
Kartos Florentia Writing Sheets Portfolio

Kartos Florentia Writing Sheets Portfolio


Kartos - Florentia - Stationery Sheets

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Kartos “Florentia” Stationery Sheets

Kartos Florentia designer stationery is imported directly from Italy and features a unique golden powder printing that truly says luxury. It makes a gorgeous gift for the stationery lover in your life and is perfect for wedding invitations, birthdays, graduations, thank you’s, thinking of you’s or event announcements. Quality and elegance are the hallmarks of fine Italian stationery, and these are no exception.

The Kartos Florentia Stationery sheets are printed on a creamy paper with the Kartos Florentia motif, a complex traditional Florentine design of vivid Gold, Green and Red colors that dates back to the Renaissance. It has a rich, warm feel that one can’t help but appreciate. These high quality stationery sheets are a joy to write on and a pleasure for anyone to receive. Kartos creates their stationery using a complex gilding technique with powdered gold, a process that is rarely used in Italy today. The Kartos Florentia set includes 10 sheets with 10 matching lined envelopes packaged in an attractive portfolio decorated in the full Florentia pattern. The Kartos Florentia stationery collection may just transport you back to the great Romantic period of history.

Card Specifications

Each set contains 10 Sheets with 10 Matching Envelopes.

Sheets Size: 7" x 9.75" - Envelope SIze: 3.75" x 7.25"

Brief History of Kartos Stationery

Kartos was founded in Italy in 1955 and are known for adhering to traditional printing techniques using copper plates and hand engraving when making their personal stationery. They focus on quality and uniqueness, practicing lithographic gold dust printing with gold dust that continues to attract generations of refined buyers from all over the world.


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