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Kartos Lilium Card Portfolio Medium

Kartos Lilium Card Portfolio Medium

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From Kartos, one of the most esteemed paper makers of Italy, comes "Lilium", named for the ornate fleur de lys (lily flower) of Florence. These elegant cards, sheets and envelopes are decorated with a beautiful, timeless design of lilies, leaves, and flourishes in a subtle gold. The creamy paper, embellished with gold accents, is a joy to write on and a pleasure for anyone to receive.

Note Cards, available in two sizes, and the Stationery Sheets include matching lined envelopes in an attractive decorated portfolio. Each set contains 10 cards or sheets and 10 envelopes. The Fold-over cards and matching lined envelopes are packaged in a box set with a see-through top.

Medium Note Cards with Envelopes
measures 5.25" x 3.5"

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