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Kartos - Wrapping Paper - Lilium
Kartos - Wrapping Paper - Lilium

Kartos - Wrapping Paper - Lilium

Kartos Lilium wrapping paper features the Fleur de Lis pattern. It is a custom paper design that makes an amazing impression as gift wrap.
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Kartos "Lilium" Wrapping Paper

Kartos is one of the most esteemed paper makers of Italy. They proudly present Kartos Lilium, a line of fine design stationery named for the ornate Fleur de Lis (lily flower) of Florence.

This beautiful high quality Italian Fleur de Lis wrapping paper is an elegant way to wrap birthday, anniversary or holiday presents. Each sheet of design wrapping paper is decorated with the traditional Fleur de Lis pattern embellished with gold accents on a cream-colored background. It adds a thoughtful touch to your gift giving. It can also be used for book binding, lining drawers and lining shelves.

Brief History of Kartos Stationery

Kartos was founded in Montecatini Terme, near Florence, by Royal Decree in 1940. They are known for adhering to traditional printing techniques using copper plates and hand engraving when making their personal stationery. Their products are embellished by gilding, a complex process that uses powdered gold which is rarely used in Italy today.

Wrapping Paper Specifications

Size: 27" x 39"


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