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Montegrappa - Fortuna - Rainbow - Fountain Pen

Montegrappa - Fortuna - Rainbow - Fountain Pen

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

Montegrappa, Italy’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, loves to explore the world of colour with its Fortuna range. Ever-evolving, the range has embraced every visual statement from sombre black to the Italian tricolore, while representing traditional handwriting, yet suitably contemporary in form and outlook. With its sensuous shape, Fortuna is already recognised as a design triumph, a perfectly balanced pen that rests perfectly in the hand, while easy on the eye.

With the new Fortuna Rainbow, Montegrappa has explored its love for colour. Rainbows, above all, represent joy, and – especially relevant to the original Fortuna ethos – good luck itself. The rainbow arrives after a cleansing shower, Mother Nature’s signal that the rain has stopped and the sun is out. The optimist in each and every one of us dreams of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One of the most beautiful of all natural phenomena, the rainbow’s array of colours has inspired great fashion houses, such as Missoni and Paul Smith. And this wonderful, natural effect also inspired one of the greatest songs of all time, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – a universal message of longing, hope and optimism.

Trimmed in stainless steel, Fortuna Rainbow’s palette of bold colours is formed of pearlised resin, representing the natural phenomenon that provides the pen with its name. The Rainbow pen is accompanied by a rainbow-coloured, tie-dye pashmina (a fine type of cashmere wool), of which no two will be alike.


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