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Otto Hutt - Design 02 - Pinstripe Fountain Pen

Otto Hutt - Design 02 - Pinstripe Fountain Pen

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Design 02
The design 02 series combines exquisite craftsmanship with noble design features. At first sight and touch, the distinctive quality and the exclusive design are apparent. The grip of a ballpoint pen and rollerball pen is identical to that of a fountain pen and mechanical pencil. The writing tools in design 02 are of exquisite value since they are made of high-quality platinum and fine materials like solid sterling silver. Despite being stripped down to their bare minimum, they still persuade with evident aesthetics. For fans of understated, conservative style, the smooth surface is extremely traditional. Even the most discerning customers' tastes can be satisfied by the perfect guilloche in a variety of styles for more uncommon requests. Nothing could be better than the distinct stripes, sensual honeycomb pattern, and significant square grid.


  • WEIGHT CA. 34.7 gr
  • LENGTH 14 cm

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