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Pen World - April 2020
Pen World - April 2020

Pen World - April 2020

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Pen World - February 2020

Pen World has been the premier publication for fine writing instruments for more than a quarter century. They cover the universe of writing culture—new pens at all price points, vintage pens, fine papers, inks, accessories, reviews, how-tos…if it's connected with pens, you'll find it in Pen World. Discover the beauty of handwritten communication and learn about the intriguing people who design, produce and write with pens. Issued bi-monthly, Pen World entices both new and experienced pen connoisseurs to look at writing instruments in fresh ways.

Inside this issue:

- Defining Luxury: the brands of Creaive Art Materials

- Shine Bright: AP Limited Editions, Atelier Lusso, and District Urushi

- Balloting begins: the 2020 PW Readers' Choice Awards


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