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Pilot - Custom 823 - Fountain Pen - Amber

Pilot - Custom 823 - Fountain Pen - Amber

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The Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen is a pen that inspires with its amber colored barrel, dark brown end caps and gold accents, even from a distance. The vacuum filling system feels like it holds an entire bottle of ink, making it perfect for writers. The 14-karat gold nib is flawless and virtually glides across the page. Go ahead, put the Custom 823 in your hand and start writing with it - it’s truly magical!

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SKU Pilot - Custom 823 - Fountain Pen - Amber

Pilot - Custom 823 - Fountain Pen - Amber

Pilot’s Custom 823 fountain pen is the truest ‘demonstrator-style’ pen with the largest ink reservoir available by Pilot. The see-through smoky amber barrel with stunning gold accents lends an air of distinguished sophistication to this exceptional fountain pen. Pilot’s unique vacuum plunger system allows for easy refills with Pilot’s bottled ink, ensuring a long lasting and smooth writing experience. Available with an expertly crafted 14-karat gold nib in fine, medium and broad point sizes. The Custom 823 makes a striking presentation with the included gift box that comes complete with a glass bottle of Pilot ink.

Pen Specifications

Pen Length, Capped: 5.9”

Pen Length, Posted: 6.5”

Diameter: 0.5”

About Pilot

A century ago, one sailor set out to create a fountain pen for the world...Pilot was born with this vision of "adventures on paper." Writing is a sign of humans expressing their thoughts as text that can be read and understood. From the Egyptian hieroglyph and wooden and bamboo strips of China, to the modern Chinese and Japanese characters and other texts that are in use today, writing is a medium of communication that has linked humans around the world and been a key driver to the advancement of mankind. Japanese-based Pilot has focused on this act of writing, and has constantly been involved in its development. Through its products, Pilot hopes to play a vital role in ensuring that the culture of writing is passed onto future generations. Every single pen made by Pilot is crafted with the same attention to detail and high quality as their first gold nib fountain pen produced in 1918 by Ryosuke Namiki. With a Pilot Pen in your hand, you possess the power to write down your ideas and share your feelings with the world as never before. Pilot offers a broad range of writing instruments, so no matter who you are or what you write, Pilot has a pen that will help you make your mark.


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