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Founded in 2012, the Taiwanese design studio Ystudio believes in the value of simplicity. It prides itself not only on the fountain pens and stationery it creates, but also on the true meaning behind those creations. Ystudio believes that each object embodies a deeper meaning and, as such, its designs are minimalistic and made with natural materials. Their fine writing instruments, crafted from brass and copper, are full of character and change beautifully over time. People need more imagination in their lives, which is how Ystudio approaches its new designs - making products for daily use.

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  1. Y Studio Resin and Brass Fountain Pen - Black
  2. Ystudio - Brassing - Desk Fountain Pen
  3. Ystudio - Brassing - Portable Fountain Pen
  4. Ystudio - Classic - Desk Fountain Pen
  5. Ystudio - Classic - Portable Fountain Pen
  6. Ystudio - Revolve
    Ystudio - Revolve
    As low as $140.00
  7. Ystudio Brass Mechanical Pencil
  8. Ystudio Brass Mechanical Pencil Lead Box
  9. Ystudio Brass Rollerball Pen
  10. Ystudio Brassing Ballpoint Pen
  11. Ystudio Brassing Portable Ballpoint Pen
  12. Ystudio Brassing Sketching Pencil
  13. Ystudio Classic Brass Sketching Pencil
  14. Ystudio Classic Slim Ballpoint Pen
  15. Ystudio Nib
    Ystudio Nib
    As low as $20.00
  16. YStudio Resin and Brass Fountain Pen - Black
  17. YStudio Brassing Rollerball - Black
    Out of Stock
  18. Ystudio Classic Ballpoint Pen
    Out of Stock

18 Items

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