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Desk Accessories
Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories for Writers and Executives

Papier Plume has a wide selection of desk accessories that will spruce up any writers desk, workspace or even an executive office. Drop some personal style onto your desk with an artistic Bortoletti handcrafted Bronze letter opener, magnifying glass or ink blotter. Make a more subtle statement with a Chrome-plated designer staple remover by Jac Zagoory or a Dalvey portable desktop clock. Multi-piece leather desk sets help maintain order for the executive who has it all.

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  1. Blotting paper refills for rocker blotter
  2. Bortoletti - Letter Opener in Murana Glass with Silver leaf
  3. Bortoletti - Writing Set - Pen/Letter Opener
  4. Bortoletti Bronze Letter Opener With Murano Glass Handle
  5. Jac Zagoory -Bears Growl Staple Remover
  6. Jac Zagoory “Heel Obsession” Pen Holder
    On Sale
    Jac Zagoory “Heel Obsession” Pen Holder
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  7. Jac Zagoory “Write No Evil” Chained Down Monkey Hands Mini Pen Holder
  8. Le Potier d'Etain - Bookmarks
  9. Le Potier D'Etain - Flip out Magnifying Glass - Masonic
  10. Le Potier D'Etain - Letter Opener - Filigree Design on Handle
  11. Le Potier D'Etain - Letter opener - Fleur De Lys Handle
  12. Le Potier D'Etain - Letter Opener - Goddess
  13. Letter Opener Saber
  14. Letter Opener with Fleur de Lis Handle
  15. Letter Opener with Oak Handle
  16. Munari - Note Dispencer - Black Leather - Smooth
  17. Munari - Pen Pot - Black Leather - Coarse
  18. Munari 4 Piece Leather Desk Set
  19. Munari 6 Piece "Teolo" Leather Desk Set
  20. Munari 6 Piece Black Leather Desk Set
  21. Munari 7 Piece Leather Desk Set
  22. Munari Black Leather Envelope & Pen Holder
  23. Nib Box - Oval - Fleur De Lys
  24. Nib Box - Oval - Nib
  25. Nib Box - Round - Saxophone
  26. Pewter Goddess Pen Holder
  27. Pewter Letter Opener with Feather Handle
  28. Pewter Letter Opener with Horse Head Handle
  29. Pewter Letter Opener with Ionic Column Handle
  30. Pocket Or Necklace Magnifying Glass
  31. Refillable Desk Memo Pad
  32. Jac Zagoory - Good Fortune Elephant Staple Remover
    Out of Stock
  33. Jac Zagoory - Happy Hippo Staple Remover
    Out of Stock
  34. Jac Zagoory - Lions Roar Staple Remover
    Out of Stock
  35. Jac Zagoory - Staple Remover - Snake Bite
    Out of Stock
  36. Jac Zagoory - Staple Remover - T-Rex Skull
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Items 1-36 of 42

Set Descending Direction