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G Lalo Stationery

When it's time to write a personal, thoughtful hand-written note, the discerning writer turns to G Lalo stationery to enhance the moment. The G Lalo brand is known throughout the world for the quality of its papers and the elegance of its presentation. Georges Lalo started his Parisian social stationery studio in 1920 and G. Lalo has been making fine handcrafted stationery for the best houses of Europe, including the royal courts of Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Monaco, ever since. Today, G. Lalo honors its roots by handcrafting their gilded stationery, one card or sheet at a time, stamping each motif in gold by hand. All G. Lalo stationery is fountain-pen friendly. When someone receives the gift of your thoughts on G Lalo stationery, those thoughts will always be cherished.

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  1. Embossing
  2. G Lalo "Verges de France" Stationery Envelopes
  3. G Lalo "Verges de France" Stationery Tablet
  4. G Lalo Bordered Thank You Card and Envelope Set
  5. G Lalo Deckle-Edged Stationery Correspondence Sets
  6. G Lalo Sationery Single Bordered Correspondence Sets
  7. G Lalo Stationery Cards
    G Lalo Stationery Cards
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7 Items

Set Descending Direction