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Taccia - Reserve Raden LE Collection - Autumn's Brushes M

Taccia - Reserve Raden LE Collection - Autumn's Brushes M


Taccia - Reserve Raden LE Collection - Autumn's Brushes


Cap Type: Threaded

Ink Capcity: 0.9ml

Postable: No

Pen Weight: 29g

Closed Length: 5.7"

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The Taccia Reserve Maki-e Autumn's Brushes Limited Edition fountain pen is fashioned out of ebonite hard rubber that has been expertly created, Urushi lacquer, and raden and gold powder for accents. There are just 50 of these limited edition fountain pens available worldwide.

With the introduction of 14k solid gold nibs created specifically for Taccia by Sailor Pen Company, known for the exceptional writing capabilities of their tipping points, it is now a possibility.

Even the gripping section has gold powder sprinkled on it, displaying Taccia's superb attention to detail. The surface and section are extraordinarily smooth to the touch because to the thick layers of Urushi lacquer. There are only 50 Autumn's Brushes in existence, and we have been fortunate to get a few for our customers.


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