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Tripod Pen Stand for Ballpoint Pens

Tripod Pen Stand for Ballpoint Pens

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Pewter or Bronzed Pewter Ballpoint Pen Stand

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SKU Tripod Pen Stand for Ballpoint Pens

A beautiful pen stand will give to any desk the right warmth and charm. Handcrafted in France, this pen stand has a floral design at the base and is available in either pewter or bronzed pewter. Specially designed for holding your feathered ballpoint pen and great for gifts....if friends were flowers I would pick you! 

Measures 1 1/2"W x2 3/8" L x 1 "H. The holder is tapered, and the diameter is 1/4" at the notch.

Made by: Le Potier D'etain


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