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Wearingeul Fountain Pen ink

Wearingeul Fountain Pen ink

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With Wearingeul Inks, Papier Plume has discovered a kindred spirit.
Life appears simple, but as we all know, is beautifully complex. Fountain pen ink can reflect that reality. 

These inks do. 

Balancing chemical interactions to achieve the right tone and depth of color, shading, and sheen, these inks make visual the moments in great Korean and Western literature that perfectly reflect life.
They are named accordingly.  

Additional explanation if necessary:

Writing ink subliminally informs and shapes the writer as their thoughts are entering the physical world of paper.

Be it manuscript or simple post-it, the color, tone, and texture of the ink silently combine with the written word, diluting, confusing, or intensifying its meaning. 

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Mind (by Natsume Soseki) - Pastel-toned violet, with pastel blue subtly separating from pale gold shows the dichotomy of the human mind.
Sanshiro (by Natsume Soseki) - Yellow chrysanthemum, shading vivid yellow to amber.  Hopeless love is still love.
Lost (Demian by Herman Hesse) - The softened navy blue of childhood is divided by a confusion of sea blue-green and pastel yellow.  
Mature (Demian by Herman Hesse) - Emile Sinclair inspired this prudent, elegant blue gray statement of attained maturity and stability.
The Song of Reed (Autumn in Kim So Wol’s Mother Sister) - A cool light brown is silhouetted by the brick red brown of sunset.
The Flower on the Way (Spring in Kim So Wol’s Azalea) The pastel-pink flower shades to bluish violet as it withers.
Kyeong-hee (by Na Hye Seok) The sun at 4pm is a bright amber, darkening as it descends.
Stonecutter’s Song (by Kim Myung Sun)  This granite is warm and shaded, but sometimes reveals an inflamed red within a simple pastel brown.
Human Problem (aka Human Issues by Kang Kyung Ae) Imagine a blood red burgundy blossom, darkening as it withers to reveal a red-green sheen.
Floating Cloud (Jung Ji Yong’s Hometown) - Observed at twilight, a floating cloud of pastel pink has a fuchsia edge, then edged again with yellow.
13 Children (Yi Sang’s Ogamdo Poem No.1) - A proud dark blue distinctly reveals its true dark green base self as it dries, ending with a screaming scarlet sheen.
A Taxidermied Genius (Yi Sang’s The Wing) - This wine-violet demonstrates how losing one's intellect to a stale conformity creates a violent green sheen.
The Sky, Seasons Passing By (Yun Dong Ju’s Counting the Stars at Night) -  Have you noticed? From the horizon line upwards, the night sky in autumn has a huge range of exquisite shading.
Shoot the Moon (by Yun Dong Ju) Only when the moon is in its lovely crescent phase can we see its shadowy side.  When reflected on water this cool green-black shadow has a dark brown sheen.

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