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Papier Plume - Chicago Pen Show Fountain Pen Inks - Lake Michigan Summer

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For the 2017 Chicago Pen Show we created two inks to celebrate the city of Chicago. 

We created 60 bottles of this ink to sell at the show and they sold out pretty quickly. 

The customer that bought the last bottle of Lake Michigan Summer just missed out on the Ivy 108.  She told us a story of how her grandfather planted the Ivy at Wrigley Field.  We felt bad that she missed out on buying a bottle of Ivy 108 so we told her that we'd make another batch to ensure she got one, and while we were at it we decided to make another batch of Lake Michigan Summer.

Lake Michigan Summer is based on the color of the Lake Michigan water during a bright summer day.

These inks are limited in quantity. A maximum of 4 allowed per order.

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