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Letter Openers

Letter Opener with Fleur de Lis Handle
Letter Opener with Fleur de Lis Handle
As low as $49.00

This ornate Pewter Letter Opener is handcrafted in France and destined to become a family heirloom. It features a 4" Stainless Steel blade that will make quick work opening any letters you receive. The handle is made from your choice of Pewter or Bronze-plated Pewter and features an ornate Fleur de Lis emblem at the top and at the hilt of one side with a crested Shield emblem on the other side. The Fleur de Lis Letter Opener is a great remembrance of all things French, including any time you’ve spent in New Orleans!

Refresh Your Home Office

Working from home doesn't have to be a drag! Add some distinction, color, flair or Old World charm to your home workspace and really let your personality shine. Loving the space you're in makes work ever so much more enjoyable.

Pen Accessories

Exclusive at Papier Plume!

  • Cleo Skribent
  • Jean-Pierre Lepine
  • Alexandre Duboc
  • Faggionato
  • Matthieu Faivet
  • Omas Pens
  • Parafernalia Pens
  • Le Potier D'Etain
  • Atelier DE LAFORÊT
  • Bortoletti
  • Munari
  • Orna
  • Il Cartiglio
  • No Solo Vetro Glass Pens & Inkwell Sets
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