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Mechanical Pencils

Did you know that modern wood-encased pencils are derived from an ancient Roman writing instrument called a stylus? Scribes used this thin metal rod to leave a mark on papyrus. Many early styluses were made of lead, which is why you still buy pencil lead, even though it’s actually a non-toxic graphite. Mechanical, or Propelling pencils are hollow fine writing instruments that hold pencil lead and have a lead advancement mechanism. They are used for general and creative writing, technical drawing and fine art. They do not have to be sharpened and are often popular with students. There are 3 types of Mechanical pencils: Ratchet-based pencils have small jaws at the tip, which hold the lead. Pressing the end button opens the jaws and pushes the lead forward; Screw-based pencils have a long screw which advances the lead when the end is twisted; and Clutch pencils use a ratchet-based variant and thicker leads (from 2mm to 5.6mm). Mechanical pencil lead is available in different colors and can be erasable and non-erasable.

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  1. Blackwing - Matte ( Set of 12 )
  2. Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Black Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Black
  3. Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Green
  4. Cleo Skribent - Messograf - Mechanical Pencil
  5. Cleo Skribent Classic Gold Mechanical Pencils
  6. Cleo Skribent “Colour” Matte Mechanical Pencil
  7. e+m "Grip Nature" 5.5mm Clutch Pencil - Black & Chrome
  8. e+m "Workman" 5.5mm Clutch Pencils
  9. e+m - Think Big - Sharpener
  10. e+m - Think Big - Sharpener - Black
  11. E+M 5B Lead E+M 5B Lead
  12. e+m Color Pencils Leads 5.5mm
  13. E+M HB Lead E+M HB Lead
  14. e+m Pencils
    e+m Pencils
    As low as $1.50
  15. e+m “Workman” Long 5.5mm Clutch Pencil Artbox Set
  16. KUM Tip Top Pop
    KUM Tip Top Pop
    As low as $3.93
  17. Lamy - Lamy 2000 - Pencil
    Lamy - Lamy 2000 - Pencil
    As low as $69.00
  18. Lamy - Pencil Leads 0.5mm HB
  19. Lamy - Pencil Leads 0.7mm HB
  20. Lamy - Pencil Leads 3.15mm 4B
  21. Pencil erasers for Retro 51 Tornado
  22. Retro 51 - Pencil Leads 1.15mm HB
  23. Ystudio Brass Mechanical Pencil
  24. Ystudio Brass Mechanical Pencil Lead Box
  25. Ystudio Brassing Sketching Pencil
  26. Ystudio Classic Brass Sketching Pencil
  27. Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Blue Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Blue
    Out of Stock
  28. Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Red Cleo Colour Mechanical Pencil - Red
    Out of Stock
  29. Cleo Skribent “Der Gessner” Pencil Set
    Out of Stock
  30. E+m - Nickle Plated - Pencil Cap
    Out of Stock
  31. e+m - Stand Up Desk Pencil
    Out of Stock
  32. e+m Ragtag Pencils with Eraser
    Out of Stock
  33. Lamy - Accent - Brilliant Briar Wood - Pencil
    Out of Stock
  34. Lamy - Logo Brush Stainless Steel Pencil
    Out of Stock
  35. Lamy - Pur - Mechanical Pencil
    Out of Stock
  36. Lamy - Safari Mechanical Pencil
    Out of Stock
    Lamy - Safari Mechanical Pencil

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Items 1-36 of 48

Set Descending Direction