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Dipping Pens
Dipping Pens

Dipping Pens

Dipping Pens are a type of fine writing instrument that allows you to quickly dip your pen tip into a bottle of ink and begin writing. They are often used in Calligraphy. Dip Pens hold ink in the small yet deep grooves in their tip/nib as you write. Dipping pens have certain advantages over fountain pens - they can use waterproof and pigmented inks, or even traditional iron gall ink which would corrode fountain pens. Dip pens work best with thinner fountain pen inks though, because the thin grooves don’t allow the more viscous calligraphy ink to flow well. Thicker ink hugs the tip and dries, making it difficult to clean completely. Changing inks is as easy as dipping the pen tip into water, wiping with a cotton towel and then dipping the pen into new ink! Dipping pens are elegant and classic, usually made of wood, glass and sometimes metal, and are often art pieces unto themselves. They come in traditional straight form factors and also as Oblique Nib Holders.

Many pen enthusiasts have a variety of dipping pens in their collection since their simplicity allows a writer to try out many different types of inks in rapid succession.

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  1. Bortoletti - Wood and Brass Dip Pen Calligraphy Set
  2. Bortoletti - Writing Set
  3. Bortoletti - Writing Set - Linea Exempla - Set 65
  4. Bortoletti - Writing Set - Pen/Letter Opener
  5. Bortoletti Dipping Pen - Sapele Wood
  6. Bortoletti Oblique Wooden Dip Pen Calligraphy Set
  7. Bortoletti Square Pen Rest and Dipping Pen Set
    On Sale
  8. Bukvawood - Oblique Nib Holder - Garnet
  9. Crescent Five Ink bottle Set - Bronzed
  10. Dipping Pen - Bronzed
    Dipping Pen - Bronzed
    As low as $30.00
  11. Dipping Pen - Pewter
    Dipping Pen - Pewter
    As low as $25.00
  12. Dipping Pen with Quill - Feather Pattern
  13. Dipping Pen with Quill - Filigree Pattern
  14. Dipping Pen with Quill - Fleur de Lis
  15. Dipping Pen with Quill - Flower
  16. Dipping Pen with Quill - Saxophone
  17. e+m Artist Dipping Pen with nib
  18. e+m Curve Dipping Pen - Aged Oak e+m Curve Dipping Pen - Aged Oak
  19. e+m Curve Dipping Pen - Olive
  20. e+m Double Sided Simple Dipping Pen e+m Double Sided Simple Dipping Pen
  21. e+m Marbleized Dipping Pen For Beginners with nib
  22. Italian Wooden Dipping Pen With Pen Stand
  23. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter -  Clarinet - Stand for quill
  24. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter -  Guitar - Stand for quill
  25. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter -  Saxophone - Stand for quill
  26. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter -  Trumpet - Stand for quill
  27. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter -  Violin - Stand for quill
  28. Le Potier D'Etain - Pewter - Sun - Stand for quill
  29. Murano Glass Dipping Pens
    Murano Glass Dipping Pens
    As low as $39.00
  30. Nib Box - Oval - Fleur De Lys
  31. Nib Box - Oval - Nib
  32. Nib Box - Round - Saxophone
  33. Papier Plume Calligraphy Set
  34. Rapido-EZE Cleaning Solution
  35. Small Inkwell Set with Quill, Filigree, Pewter
    On Sale
  36. Small Inkwell Set with Quill, Fleur de Lys, Bronze
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Items 1-36 of 83

Set Descending Direction