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Nibs are the last part of a quill pen, dip pen, fountain pen or stylus that comes into contact with your paper or writing surface to transfer ink and make your mark. Nibs vary in type, purpose, shape, size and material. Papier Plume has a substantial selection of nibs available in materials including Steel, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Choose from types like finely chiseled calligraphy nibs, poster nibs, dip pen nibs or fountain pen nibs in Broad, Medium, Fine or Extra-Fine sizes. Replacement nibs that are Ornate, Decorated and Ornamental are also available.

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  1. 14k Gold Bock Nib
    14k Gold Bock Nib
    As low as $185.00
  2. Ball Point Nib: Leonardt 300
  3. British Tin Box for Nibs
  4. Copperplate 41 Bronze Standard English Nib: Leonardt 41
  5. Copying Nib: Leonardt 33
  6. E+m - Nickle Plated - Pencil Cap
  7. Extra Fine Point Nib: Leonardt 30
  8. General Drawing Nib: Leonardt General
  9. General Writing and Drawing Nib
  10. Lamy - Nibs
    Lamy - Nibs
    As low as $14.00
  11. Nib Box - Oval - Fleur De Lys
  12. Nib Box - Oval - Nib
  13. Nib Box - Round - Saxophone
  14. Nib Reservoir (for Pointed Nibs)
  15. Nib Reservoir (for Round Hand Nibs)
  16. Ornamental Pen Nib: Leonardt 70
  17. Poster nib: Leonardt P-4, P-10, P-15
  18. Regal Replacement Nib - EF-1 - Extra Fine
  19. Round Hand Traditional Flat Edge Nib
  20. School Nib: Leonardt 63.5
  21. Shorthand Nib: Leonardt 40
  22. Steel Black Bock Nib
    Steel Black Bock Nib
    As low as $25.00
  23. Steel Bock Nib
    Steel Bock Nib
    As low as $20.00
  24. Steel Rhodium Karas Nib
    Steel Rhodium Karas Nib
    As low as $20.00
  25. Steel Two Tone Bock Nib
    Steel Two Tone Bock Nib
    As low as $23.00
  26. Titanium Karas Nib
    Titanium Karas Nib
    As low as $70.00
  27. Titanium Plain Nib
    Titanium Plain Nib
    As low as $70.00
  28. Drawing Nib: Leonardt 700
    Out of Stock
  29. Rapido-EZE Cleaning Solution
    Out of Stock
  30. Scroll nib: Leonardt Scroll 4
    Out of Stock

30 Items

Set Descending Direction