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Wax & Seals
Wax & Seals

Using wax and seals is a method for sealing or closing letters that were hand delivered and it dates back to ancient times where the sealing material was clay. The process involves melting a wax stick and dripping it onto a material, most often a letter, wrapping paper, a parchment, an envelope, ribbons or twine wrapping. Next you press your seal into the wax before it hardens. The bond formed on or between your materials is difficult to break without notice.

Melting Wax & Applying Seals

Wax sticks, with wicks and without, are some of the most common forms of sealing wax available. You will also find wax granules. Waxes with wicks can be lit like a candle to begin melting the wax. Wax sticks can melted at one end using a flame; be careful not to ignite or blacken the wax! Alternatively, you can cut wax sticks into pieces around 3/4" long and place them in a spoon. Wax granules are also melted using a spoon over a flame. Pour or drip the melted wax onto your desired location. While the wax is still soft, quickly and firmly press your seal directly down into it and release. For best results with your impression, chill your seal beforehand. If you didn't chill your seal, wait a minute for the wax to cool before removing your seal.

Wax Stamps & Sealing Wax Seals Today

Today using wax sticks for wax seals are more about ceremony than security. Wax seals are great for wedding invitations or bottle decorations. A nice wax seal will bring the ordinary to extraordinary. While there are many wax seal and stamp manufacturers that continue to make traditional sealing wax candles using historical formulations, there are new styles of wax that are flexible and can survive mailing through the modern postal system. These are known as glue-gun sealing wax sticks or flexible sealing wax sticks and are also used extensively in craft projects.

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  1.  Pliable Sealing Wax Sticks (7" Long)
  2. Bortoletti - Design Seals - Symbols
  3. Bortoletti - Script Monogram Seal
  4. Bortoletti - Sealing Wax Heater/Lamp Round
  5. Bortoletti - Zodiac Wax Seals
    Bortoletti - Zodiac Wax Seals

    From $8.50

    To $44.00

  6. Bortoletti Gothic - Letter Pewter Seals for Wax
  7. Bortoletti Seal Cream Pots
  8. Brass Design Wax Seals with Handles
  9. Brass Handle Oval Design - Seals
  10. Brass Handle Round Design - Seals
  11. Breakable Wax Beads
    Breakable Wax Beads
    As low as $9.00
  12. Ceramic Handle Manuscript Initial Wax Seals
  13. Custom Monogram 1" Seal
    On Sale
    Custom Monogram 1" Seal

    As low as $37.00

  14. Custom Seal With Your Own Logo
    On Sale
  15. Holiday Wax Seals
    Holiday Wax Seals

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  16. Interchangeable Wax Seals - Alphabet
  17. Interchangeable Wax Seals - Symbols
  18. Large Brass Wax Seal - Designs
    On Sale
    Large Brass Wax Seal - Designs

    From $14.00

    To $115.00

  19. Large Brass Wax Seal- Florentine Initials
  20. Large Melting Spoon
  21. Large Melting Spoon Wood Handle
  22. Le Potier D'Etain - Interchangable Seal and Handle
    On Sale
  23. Le Potier D'Etain Seals with Handles
  24. One Sided Interchangeable Coins for Bortoletti Wax Seal - Designs
  25. Papier Plume - Large Wax Seal Set
  26. Papier Plume - Script Monogram Seal
  27. Papier Plume - Small Wax Seal Set
  28. Papier Plume Wax Seals - NOLA Wreath
  29. Papier Plume Wax Seals - Symbols
    Papier Plume Wax Seals - Symbols

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    To $115.00

  30. Papier Plume Wax Seals - Symbols
    Papier Plume Wax Seals - Symbols

    From $0.00

    To $115.00

  31. Replacement Wick for Bortoletti Wax Lamp
  32. Replacement Wick for Sealing Wax Lamp
  33. Sealing Wax Lamp
  34. Sealing Wax Melting Furnace - Rose Gold
  35. Sealing Wax Sticks with Wick in Modern Colors
  36. Shapes and 3D Wax seals - Symbols
    Shapes and 3D Wax seals - Symbols

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    To $116.00

Items 1-36 of 44

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