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Interchangeable Wax Seals - Symbols

Interchangeable Wax Seals - Symbols

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These decorative Symbol Wax Seals are cast in pewter and interchangeable with most other wax seal handles. Wax seals are a perfect way to customize your wedding invitations, seal envelopes, adorn bottles and use for various craft projects. There are 13 different high quality symbols in this interchangeable seal set to choose from. Wax seals are a great way to add some flair when sealing your correspondence.

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    Interchangeable Symbol Wax Seals

    These decorative Symbol Design Seals are interchangeable and feature an engraved symbol on a pewter wax seal. Pewter wax seals are perfect for customizing your wedding invitations, sealing envelopes, adorning bottles and for use in various craft projects. These high quality wax seal symbols are a great way to add some flair when sealing your correspondence. There are 13 different symbols to choose from, including a Birdie, Cat, Dragonfly, Drink, Evergreen Tree, Fleur de Lis, Hummingbird, Owl, Paw Prints, Round Flower, Snowflake, Sun and Tree!

    Handles can really add distinction to your wax seal set and we have a Fleur de Lis pewter handle that matches the pewter seals perfectly! Choosing a handle is optional. Wax seal symbols make an excellent gift. Remember, wax isn’t included, so take a look through our varied selection of wax colors and see how they change the look of your wax seal impression!

    Wax Seal Specifications

    Seal Diameter: 0.75"

    Handle Length: 2.375"

    Wax Seals Through the Ages

    The use of seals can be traced back to some of the earliest civilizations. The first seals were made from clay and impressed, or sealed, using rings or cylinders. Wax was widely used in the Middle Ages by bishops, monarchs and royal spokespeople to authenticate documents. During the 13th century, wax seals were used by monasteries, guilds and aristocrats. Illiteracy led to a widespread adoption of wax seals in the 13th century as a signature. Wax was pressed with either a handheld seal or a specially-made signet ring. When the owner of a signet died, the ring would be destroyed to prevent forgeries! Today using wax seals is more about ceremony than security or authenticity. Wax seals add elegance to wedding invitations, bottle decorations or an extra personalized touch to your correspondence. A nice wax seal will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!


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