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Inks and refills
Inks and refills

Buy fountain ink, calligraphy ink, and pigmented ink from Daimine, Noodler's Ink, Cleo Skribent, or own house made inks.

Fountain Pen & Calligraphy Inks + Ink Refill Cartridges

Papier Plume has a wide selection of fountain pen inks, a full line of replacement ink refill cartridges for fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens, calligraphy inks and lead refills for mechanical pencils. We carry the most popular bottled ink from Diamine and Noodler’s, plus we create and bottle our own branded Papier Plume fountain pen inks that you won’t find anywhere else! Fountain pen ink is a water-based ink that is almost exclusively dye-based to avoid clogging the fountain pen feed. Most of these inks are glass-bottled. We carry ink cartridges and converters that fit almost every major and specialty pen fine writing instruments.

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  1.  Cleo Skribent Cartridges & Refills
  2.  Jean-Pierre Lepine Cartridges & Refills
  3.  Lamy Cartridges & Refills
  4.  Nespen Cartridges & Refills
  5.  Rebecca Moss Cartridges & Refills
  6.  Visconti Cartridges & Refills
  7. 10 ml Ink Bottle - Bronze
    10 ml Ink Bottle - Bronze

    As low as $15.00

  8. 10 ml Ink Bottle - Pewter
    10 ml Ink Bottle - Pewter

    As low as $10.00

  9. Assorted Papier Plume - Bottled Pigmented Calligraphy Inks
  10. Aurora - Fountain Pen Ink - Cartridge - Black
  11. Aurora - Fountain Pen Ink - Cartridge - Blue
  12. Aurora - Fountain Pen Ink - Cartridge - Blue Black
  13. Ball Point Refill - "Easy Flow 9000"
  14. Ball Point Refill - Ceramic Gel - Parker Style
  15. Ball Point Refill - D Size (Small)
  16. Ball Point Refill - Lamy - M16
  17. Ball Point Refill - Lamy - M22 (compact)
  18. Ball Point Refill - Parafernalia "Flirt"
  19. Ball Point Refill - Parafernalia "Revolution"
  20. Ball Point Refill, Standard (Parker Style)
  21. Bortoletti - Inkwell - Nickel-Silver Alloy, Simple Lid
  22. Bortoletti - Inkwell - Vivaldi
  23. Bortoletti - Inkwell Dandalo
  24. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Black-15 ml
  25. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Black-30 ml
  26. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Blue-15 ml
  27. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Blue-30 ml
  28. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Burgundy-15 ml
  29. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Burgundy-30 ml
  30. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Cherry Red-15 ml
  31. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Cherry Red-30 ml
  32. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Forest Green-15 ml
  33. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Forest Green-30 ml
  34. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Forget-Me-Not Blue-15 ml
  35. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Forget-Me-Not Blue-30 ml
  36. Bottled Calligraphy Inks-Ivy Green-15 ml

Items 1-36 of 373

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