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Ball Point Refill, Standard (Parker Style)
Ball Point Refill, Standard (Parker Style)

Ball Point Refill, Standard (Parker Style)

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Ball Point Refill, Standard
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A classic ball point Ink refill (Parker style)

Will fit almost every click top and twist action pens.

Exact match to the following gel/ball point pens sold in our shop:

Jean-Pierre LEPINE: Indigo (click top), Attila (click top), Massai, Totem, Prayer Wheel, San Marco, Square (Zagadoff), Alexis and Free ride pens.

Cleo Sckibent: All Colour series click top, Classic series twist action, Scribent Series twist action, Silver sign click top, Ebonite twist action and Messograf.

RETRO: 51: Double Eight, Abbondanza and all Tornados and Big shots. CLEO SKRIBENT: All twist actions like Gold, Platinum, Linea Arte, Colour and Classic lines VISCONTI: All twist action. NESPEN: All click top pens E+M: All Ball points twist action CURTIS: 1-5-7, Yarra

Visconti: All twist action ball pens.

Nespen: All click top ball pens.

Waldman: All twist action ball pens

Karas Customs:

Rebecca Moss: All twist action ball pens


ON LINE: Timeless wood, Business line, All wood (all twist actions)


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