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Wax Accessories
Wax Accessories
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12 Items

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  1. Bortoletti - Sealing Wax Heater/Lamp
  2. Bortoletti Seal Cream Pots
  3. Large Melting Spoon
  4. Papier Plume - Large Wax Seal Set
  5. Papier Plume - Small Wax Seal Set
  6. Replacement Wick for Bortoletti Wax Lamp
  7. Replacement Wick for Sealing Wax Lamp
  8. Sealing Wax Lamp
  9. Sealing Wax Melting Furnace
  10. Small Melting Spoon
  11. Bortoletti Sealing Wax Lamp
    Out of Stock
  12. Sealing Wax Heather Quadrate
    Out of Stock

12 Items

Set Descending Direction