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Papier Plume - New Orleans Collection Fountain Pen Ink - Desire

Papier Plume - New Orleans Collection Fountain Pen Ink - Desire


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“What is your heart’s desire?”

Many people come to New Orleans to find out. We’re not talking about Bourbon Street, but desire in the broader sense. Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire is all about the passionate but opposing desires of two strong-willed characters who cannot let them go. (Yes, there really is a Desire Street, one block down from Piety, but no longer is there a streetcar that runs there.)

Knowing what you really want is essential. New Orleans can give people the permission and freedom to discover what they truly desire. Thats why some people say they not only love this place, they need it. It is magical. If New Orleans were an emotion, it would be Desire.

And if New Orleans were a color…?
What is the color of Desire?

Passion. Enchantment. Freedom, i.e. truth. You can probably do no better to describe the essence of the city.
Passionate red.
True blue.
Enchanted purple.

An ink named Desire is is a rich, saturated red-purple and our latest addition to the New Orleans Collection. Being a wet ink, no matter how repressed the feed or fine the nib, it will free your mind, allowing thoughts and self expression to flow freely.

Available in 30ml bottles.


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