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Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Other nib options are available such as a Gold nib or a flex nib but please contact the shop for a more extensive help (+1-504-988-7265).

The Fountain pen is a limited series of 100 ; there will also be a Rollerball version released later on.


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SKU Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Wetland Cypress Pen - Limited Edition Fountain Pen

 The Wetland Cypress pen was turned by The Herbert Pen Company. The Clip of the pen was hand made by the Artist Jeweler Brandi Couvillion.

The clip is made from brass and all the work from the cutting, shaping to the engraving was entirely done by hand. The design on the clip is of Bayou Saint John here in the heart of New Orleans, and was chosen to help celebrate the city.

The wood was recovered by Seth Oulsey of Swampwood Products from a large Sinker Cypress. The tree fell in the Atchafalaya basin and was submerged in water 500 years ago. This specific basin is the largest block of floodplain forest in the US. Being underwater for so long the wood actually absorbs content from the mineral rich, silt along with the water it gives the wood its unique color and density.

Once the tree is recovered the wood goes though a stabilization process which removes any moisture and air, and replaces it with a resin that gets cured to add strength and beauty to the wood. Every Pen has a completely different grain pattern and colors may vary in the rich browns and gold. The inside of the pen is also completely sleeved with a diamond cast alumilite to add strength as well as to keep any ink on the inside of the pen from coming in contact with the wood.

Please use care when filling and cleaning your pen, and ensure to wipe any ink off of the wood as quickly as possible as it could stain. This is a wood product and should not be soaked in water other than for normal cleaning purposes.

Size Specifications

Capped length:  6” (15.2cm)

Uncapped length:  5.2” (13cm)

Posted length: 17.25” (18cm)

Weight: .8oz


The pen comes with an international converter and fits international size cartridges

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