For the writer, function is often more important than form. The gifts in this Papier Plume Writers Gift Guide are versatile, durable, and most of all, practical for those who always have their nose in a notebook.


Pilot - Decimo Vanishing Point

One never knows when inspiration will strike, but with just the click of a button, this 'one-handed' fountain pen with retractable nib is ready to use anywhere, any time. Each pen is equipped with an 18k gold nib in fine, medium, broad, or even stub. Coming in at under $150, these pens offers our most affordable luxury writing experience.

Karas Kustoms - Ink

Sometimes it's easiest to travel light, and it doesn't get much lighter than aluminum! Machined in Arizona, these pens are as tough as they look, making them perfect for the writer on the go. Anodized aluminum assures that all of these pens stay as brightly colored as the day they were first inked. With sections also available in brass and copper, and nib options in steel, gold, and broad, you can easily "kustomize" your writing experience with these pens.

Retro51 - Tornado Rollerballs

Life is too short to carry an ugly pen, and this line offers plenty of very attractive options! The large stainless steel barrel tapers towards the tip and feels substantial, yet comfortable, in almost any hand. Starting at $25, Retro51's rollerball refills give this pen a deceptively expensive feel to each writing experience. Prefer a ballpoint ink? Tornado's can also accommodate any generic Parker-style ballpoint ink refill.


Tomoe River

This company claims to make the "greatest paper for fountain pens", and you'd find many who agree! The folks at Tomoe River have perfected the craft of onion-skin paper, which is paper that has been processed to be extremely thin, like the skin of an onion, yet it behaves exceptionally well with wet inks; no bleeding, feathering, or tearing! Best of all, that means more pages to each notepad or notebook without the added bulk.

Refillable Journals

Some people cycle through journals like they're going out of style, but luckily this one is always in fashion for the writer who can't get enough pages. The Italian leather sleeves provide support and protection around their Fabriano paper refills, making them handsome enough to display on a bookshelf but durable enough to be part of your every day carry. When you reach the last page, just reach for a new refill!


Nock Co. Carrying Cases

Pens can be like potato chips: One is never enough! Whether you carry two pens or several, these lightweight carrying cases are perfect for a pocket or a purse. The durable canvas material easily expands to fit even oversized pens while providing sturdy protection against the elements of your day-to-day.

Ink Miser - Ink Shot Inkwell

Do you like to get the most out of you ink? It can be tricky getting to those last few drops at the bottom of your ink bottle, but the Ink Miser is here with a solution. Simply use the pipette to suck up the last of your ink and transfer it to the fluted inkwell, et violĂ ! Accessible ink to the very last drop.

Wooden Lap Desk

It's easy to make any space an inspiring one with these handcrafted wooden lap desks. Meticulously designed to offer a comfortable, but practical, writing experience, these desks also offer plenty of room to store pens, paper, ink, or whatever else inspires you!