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Drawing and Sketching - Vera Curnow
Drawing and Sketching - Vera Curnow

Drawing and Sketching - Vera Curnow

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Drawing and Sketching

Expert Answers to the Questions Every Artist Asks
Vera Curnow

Art Answers Series

Art Answers books are precisely that—practical answers to the questions that every artist asks himself or herself while working on a project. Such questions are always specific, and require immediate and specific answers: Which brush to use in order to create the precise desired effect?. . . What is the best way to organize workspace? . . Which papers and inks to select for a given project?. . . and literally hundreds more similar questions. Each title speaks to a specific art medium or style. Students, amateurs, and professional artists will discover shortcuts for fixing mistakes, and learn to have the right equipment for each project.

  • Artistic tricks and secrets are shared by experts in various media
  • Tips and techniques are presented in step-by-step fashion
  • Expert coaching makes art projects more rewarding and enjoyable for hobbyists

More than 100 instructive color illustrations come with step-by-step tips and methods that teach artistic skills and improve on the reader’s previously acquired techniques. The practical and sturdy Flexibinding covers make these books ideal both for studio use and for carrying along on field trips.


Flexibinding / 224 Pages / 5 3/4 x 7 3/4 / 2012


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