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Faggionato - Pétrarque - Technical Series - Blue
Faggionato - Pétrarque - Technical Series - Blue

Faggionato - Pétrarque - Technical Series - Blue

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SKU Faggionato - Pétrarque - Technical Series - Blue

This Fountain Pen is a Pétrarque turned from Ebonite. This luxury fountain pen is lacquered according to Seirei technical (Dragonfly) which comprises applying different layers of lacquer then use an alcohol added lacquer
for decoration.

Dozens of hours of work spread over several weeks are needed because of very long drying time.

First, the ebonite is prepared with several layers of Urushi primary lacquer mixed with clay and then a hardening time is required between each layer to sand.

Urushi black lacquer is then applied in several layers with a brush. 

The hardening is then obtained in the hardening cabinet combining heat and humidity according to precise values.

The sanding phase between each layer is a precise and very technical step because it is not necessary to drill the previous layers.

The layers of Urushi black lacquer follow one another until a perfect base to apply the powders and realize the Seirei technique.

Before this step, the surface is glossed with oil and abrasive powders.

The surface is now bright; It is then cleaned and put to rest for the next stage: The realization of the decoration.

A tray of water is prepared. A syringe filled with Urushi lacquer with added alcohol is injected into this bath. The pressure of the jet diffuses like a mesh in the water and it is at this moment that the parts of the pen are soaked in this solution. They come out according to a specific gesture. 
They are dried.

The powders are then strewn and spread with a brush. The pen parts are then stored in the curing cabinet for several days.

Japanese finish lacquers can then be applied following a process of applying lacquer, curing, buffing with oil and abrasive powders. 
When the craftsman thinks he has the desired effect, he does the last polishing with the palm of his hand.

The PKS technical Seirei pen is ready after adding a black Urushi lacquered staple! These lacquers come from the province of Wajima.

The pen is finally equipped with a 14cts gold nib with an ebonite feder ... and voila


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