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Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo Classic Murano Ballpoint - Yellow
Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo Classic Murano Ballpoint - Yellow

Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo Classic Murano Ballpoint - Yellow


About Jean-Pierre Lepine

Designer Jean-Pierre Lepine takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of his fine writing instruments, which spark the imagination with their bold designs and please the hand with their high-quality materials. These unconventional high-end pens have a surprising combination of colors, shapes and technical ability. All Lepine pens are completely handcrafted in France in small batches by expert craftsmen following age-old traditional techniques using materials like acrylic, rhodoid, brass, aluminum, delrin, stainless steel, carbon and leather, precious metals like silver and gold, exotic woods and precious stones.

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With traditions and knowledge passed down through four generations, a close-knit technical team with expertise and a culture of luxury craft these works of art. The Indigo series is one of Lepine's trademark designs to the pen world. 

Measuring only 5", it's the perfect pen for the pocket or purse. Takes any international size cartridge. 

An extended warranty that totals five years is exclusive to our shop only.


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