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Retro 51 - Tornado Rollerball - Gnome Sweet Gnome

Retro 51 - Tornado Rollerball - Gnome Sweet Gnome


Celebrating Spring and Summer, flowers and woodland creatures and most importantly celebrating the Gnomes that are hidden in this floral paradise.  Look carefully and join the few who truly see the hidden world of the Gnomes.  While some see them as garden kitsch, you will have your Gnome friends with you in work and play. These Gnomes tend to and protect our gardens.  These little friends are here to bring a smile to you every day. Whether you have a "green thumb" or not, you are sure to love this Rollerball. But don't hesitate because they are limited to 1951 pieces and will disappear as fast as you can say "Gnome Sweet Gnome."


·         Limited Edition of 1951 pieces 
·         Stainless Steel barrel with print over it
·         Top Disc imprint - Mushroom pattern
·         Rollerball refill

·         Chrome Trim 
·         Limited Edition numbering on top ring 
·         Graphic label on tube

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