Particular pens for particular tastes. In this Papier Plume luxury gift guide, you'll find our finest and rarest examples of quality, design, and craftsmanship.

Faggionato - Laque Coquille d'Ouef Fountain Pen

This fountain pen looks deceptively simple at first glance, but a rigorous process of layering lacquer on ebonite makes this pen one of our most unique. Hand-crafted by Frèderic Faggionato in the South of France, the delicate mosaic of eggshells against an elegant silhouette homages Japanese design. Nib options available in steel, gold, and titanium.

Matthieu Faivet - Cigar Fountain Pen

This cleverly designed pen might look novel to some, but the discerning eye will recognize designer Matthieu Faivet's refined taste for extraordinary craft. Brazilian Louro Faia wood, also known as lacewood, offers its luminous grain to the pen's body, while carved American Chestnut tops off the cap with a robust ashiness.

Cleo Skribent - Natura Fountain Pens

German manufacturer Cleo Skribent pays keen attention to detail and performance, which is clearly exemplified in this impressive line of fountain pens.  Each pen is carved from a single piece of precious wood, then fitted with palladium fixtures and finished with a precision engineered 18k gold nib. Finally, the pens are preserved through a museum-quality process used on wood from old shipwrecks, ensuring these pens last a lifetime and then some.

  1. Cleo Skribent “Natura” Fountain Pens

Aurora - Optima - Nebulosa Fountain Pen

Aurora's Optima pens can be recognized all over the world, but you can only pick up the Nebulosa here in the States! Like all Optimas, the Nebulosa features Aurora’s unique piston filler design with a built-in ink reserve, while the unusual combination of chrome fittings against purple Auroloide and a white gold nib make this pen as captivating as the cosmos themselves. Limited series of 88 pens, available in fine only.

Omas - Istanbul'un Fethi Rollerball

For the collector, finding the perfect pen can feel like a real conquest, so why not pay tribute? This rollerball pen from prolific Italian manufacturer, Omas, memorializes the siege of Constantinople with a pen as bold as the Ottoman Empire itself.  Two eloquent relief'd medallions made of yellow gold represent the city of Constantinople and Mehmed II, the Conqueror, while the top of the cap bears the inscription of Mehmed II. The domed knob of the pen depicts the magnificent dome of the Hagia Sophia; otherwise known as the Holy Wisdom, which still continues to be a unique landmark of the city of Istanbul.

  1. Omas - Istanbul’un Fethi - Rollerball
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    Omas - Istanbul’un Fethi - Rollerball
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Atelier de la Fôret - Pen Boxes

French workshop Atelier de la Fôret combines exotic wenge wood with full calf leather to bring you these beautifully crafted sets of drawers, ideal for storing and displaying pens. Magnetic enclosures behind each drawer and curved wooden handles give these classic materials a contemporary feel.

  1. Atelier De La Foret - 22 Pen Box
  2. Atelier De La Foret - 11 Pen Box